Survey: State of the information security nation – SC Magazine UK

Survey: State of the information security nation – SC Magazine UK.

I wonder if these stats would be better or worse in the US –

PwC’s 2010 Global Information Security Survey showed that 36 per cent of companies are now auditing and monitoring postings by employees on blogs and social networking sites, but only 23 per cent have a fixed security policy for use of such sites. This is an area of growing concern with readily available solutions, but more firms need to become aware of the threat, implement the software to protect themselves and educate staff to understand the implications of their actions.

There are days I just shake my head, and days I feel like shouting from the rooftops about this stuff.  First of all – there is a need for awareness among executives about the potential risk and impact of social media on company operations, security and reputation.  Many executives, simply by the nature of the long corporate climb in major companies, are older and don’t really understand the degree to which social networks and 2.0 sites pervade the daily lives of 20-somethings and tech staff, or how those seemingly innocuous online activities are being used to penetrate the world’s leading corporations – see Exxon and Google cases just for starters.

Define policies, monitor and for pete’s sake educate your staff that people, not systems, are the easiest things to hack.

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