Reports of Senator Leahy’s Death Exaggerated…

WTOP news is reporting that a fraudulent email reporting the death of Senator Patrick Leahy did in fact originate from the Senator’s office but was not sent by the person from whose account the email was received by WTOP, PBS and others.  I’m looking forward to seeing the eventual diagnosis.  Straw poll – do you think it will prove to be:

a) Insider Mischief (someone in the office did it)?

b) On-site Mischief (someone else physically got on the staffer’s computer)?

c) Remote email access with stolen credentials?

d) Infected/pwned PC?

e) Other

I’m gonna say D, but I have a built in bias – I stare at malware data all day.   I’m a little surprised the statement from the Senator’s office wasn’t an attachment (at least according to the WTOP report.)  I would have assumed it was a malicious attachment meant to infect the news organizations.

At least I have a fun new slide for the next time I’m teaching my training course…

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