No honor (or pricing power) among thieves…

A member of one of my linkedin groups posted a story about Chinese hackers offering “Change your grade for a price” services.

What I find interesting (what can I say, I was an numbers nerd before was a tech nerd) is how economical this at least appears to be thanks to global wage differences and geo-arbitrage. It took me less than three minutes to find half a dozen online offers like this one:

A base price starting around fifty bucks and you don’t pay until they succeed? Friedman was right, the world IS flat, and it seems there is neither honor, nor pricing pricing power, among thieves.

If I were the CISO of a major university, I might well spend a few thousand dollars hiring a series of these guys.  Cheaper than pen testing from a high end vendor and the vulnerabilities (or lack thereof) would be proven, not hypothetical.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this blog are mine alone, and do not represent the views, policies or positions of Cyveillance, Inc. or its parent, QinetiQ-North America.  I speak here only for myself and no postings made on this blog should be interpreted as communications by, for or on behalf of, Cyveillance (though I may occasionally plug the extremely cool work we do and the fascinating, if occasionally frightening, research we openly publish.)


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