Rebranding Day!

I haven’t been writing much, but the notion of “a world awash in data” is appearing in ever-more contexts.  Thus, I decided the Digital Water concept is actually a pretty good framework for most of the things that interest me, so I’m just taking what started as one post (then a bunch) and moving it to a kind of running thread through the conversation.  (Also, “” was annoying even to me.)

SO… welcome to and thanks for sticking around.  I’m relaunching the site as of today.  There’ll be much more frequent updates, a Twitter Feed (@DigitalH20) and hopefully a lot more useful stuff.  I’ve also been doing a bit more work with or about Law Enforcement lately, so there will be some interesting topics coming up regarding mining open source data, investigations vs. privacy, tech for LE and so on.

And of course, the Chinese, the endless train of mass data breaches and, of course, extremely stupid people on Facebook will all keep the stream of topics far outpacing the time to talk about them all.


Thanks everybody!



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