Ahh, tax season. Just a quick reminder about IRS Phishing…

Oh and hey everyone, one more thing I forgot.  Just a quick reminder that as tax day approaches you will likely receive all kinds of helpful emails “from the IRS” and such. Some do get pretty clever and slick so remember, the IRS will never, ever request information from you via email.

Just for fun, the one I got this morning is neither of those things, but kind of fun….








Just for giggles, I did actually check out the domain irs-taxdepartment.com.  It was registered yesterday under the owner name of Alexander Kupalo, of Slavyansk, Russia. His email, alexander2kupalo@yahoo.com, was linked to distribution of the well-known Zeus trojan, among other things, yesterday as well.






The Phishing page also uses completely obfuscated javascript, which speaks to at least a bit more chops than your typical Paypal-stealing script kiddie. What always strikes me is how industrious these guys are.  I mean, if the Russian coders who gin up this kind of stuff devoted their time and skills – some of which are impressive – to good deeds, I swear they would have cured cancer or something by now.


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