The Insider Threat: Medicaid employee emails self PII on 220,000 people

Returning for a moment to another core focus of this blog (i.e. the “Data Like Digital Water” meme), I came across this – as yet anyway – little publicized data breach.

I know there are severe limits on firewall and gateway rulesets, and Data Loss Prevention systems aren’t perfect, and there are lots of subtle and technically advanced ways to exfiltrate data (ICMP tunnel anyone?) and all, but can we not agree that anyone with access to a quarter million people’s PII should have to work a little harder than “”?

It’s OK though, because the data that was lost apparently included their names and their Medicaid ID numbers.

I mean it’s not like it was their Social Security Numbers or anything. Oh… wait… what’s that? Oh, wait… I was wrong, their Medicaid ID numbers ARE their social security numbers.  Oh, ok.  Well that’s helpful.

I’m thinking Phishing reports in SC are maybe gonna take a jump soon?




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