IMO, China’s welcome to lead the world in some things…

A week or so ago, I noted, via an awesome slide from Bit9 Security, that Chinese hackers are just workin’ stiffs like the rest of us.  Then I had a quick piece that even here in the West we see increasing indications they face some of the same concerns we do with regard to the trouble of keeping information bottled up.  (This was further emphasized today by the stories, backed by pretty strong evidence, claiming that a hacker going by “Hardcore Charlie” has penetrated China Electronics Import & Export Corporation or “CEIEC”, China North Industries Corporation, WanBao Mining, and others.)

Well, today, (OK it was actually Friday, but apparently I forgot to hit “Publish” before I sat down to dinner on Friday) another in the trickle of “China has now surpassed the US” stories, and this one they’re welcome to.

The Anti-Phishing Working Group reported today that China’s e-commerce site “Surpasses PayPal as the World’s Most Phished Brand“. Seems not even the (I should say alleged) world leaders in the theft of sensitive information are immune to the even the simplest forms of stealing sensitive data. This includes both intentional dOxxing like Hardcore Charlie, and the inadvertent revelations that simply can’t be stopped in world full of camera phones and Twitter (and Weibo) accounts.  (See the TV documentary that caught Chinese army personnel using click-to-play Cyber attack tools in the background as a fun example.)

Being trained in macroeconomics and generally favoring the Darwinian benefits of competition, I have to say this is one crown I’m happy to hand over.

Thanks again to the APWG for some very useful stats and reporting in today’s release.  Full report is at:

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this blog are mine alone, and do not represent the views, policies or positions of Cyveillance, Inc. or its parent, QinetiQ-North America.  I speak here only for myself and no postings made on this blog should be interpreted as communications by, for or on behalf of, Cyveillance (though I may occasionally plug the extremely cool work we do and the fascinating, if occasionally frightening, research we openly publish.)


2 Responses

  1. Good to see this particular market domination isn’t flooding the market with cheap photovoltaic cells and avoiding tariffs! The question that immediately comes to mind though is WHO is doing it to them.

    • The Russians? LOL Certainly it is interesting to see Chinese companies, government bodies and sites now being victimized. What will be more interesting is to see how they respond when they go from the proverbial Goose to the proverbial Gander.

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