SCAM ALERT: Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo – “Rebates” and “New security measures”

Just a quick heads up to all – this post from security vendor Trusteer details the latest widespread, and technologically pretty smart, phishing / malware campaign against users of the big Web-based email services, as well as Visa and Mastercard.  A few articles out there too, but I like the original Trusteer post because it has pictures of the actual materials.

As always:

1.  Assume any email asking you to do, click or download something is fake

2.  Hover your mouse over the links in the email. The destination of the link should appear.  If it goes to a site you’ve never heard of, or the actual link disagrees with the one shown in the text, don’t click it.

3.  If you need something from any web based vendor you use and trust, amazon, gmail, or whatever, type the name in the address bar yourself.

Surf safely!




3 Responses

  1. Just when you thought Zeus was fading into obscurity, someone digs it up, adds a little social engineering and starts racking up the bodies again. The real danger here of course isn’t the loss of some credit cards, but rather the bot herd that’s building again.

  2. I’m sure there’s a Greek-gods joke in there, but I’m just not educated enough in the classics to come up with it. Thanks Darian! I hope the new gig is turning out to be fun and exciting.

  3. A bit of humor yes. Zeus is also the resurrected piece of malware being used in this particular bit of foolishness. The FBI believed they had mostly eliminated it because of their big bust. ( It has come back with a P2P twist now rather than hard coding information which leads to easy blocking of C&C nodes. (

    As I posted to LinkedIn, the answer is easy: always manually enter your CC information and do NOT store it with anyone. And all the usual things people should be doing paranoia wise.

    The new gig is always challenging my way of thinking and I do love that.

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