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Eric is the author, co-author or principal researcher on many of Cyveillance’s White Papers, company blog posts, published research studies and several of the company’s pending patents. Both Eric and his research have been profiled in major media outlets including USAToday, the LA Times, the Washington Post, Fox News Radio, and Computer World, as well as specialty government and security journals including Signal Magazine and C4ISR.



External Media

Interview in Signal Magazine

Interview / Article from Network World Magazine

Interview in Computer World

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Company Blog Posts

How Business Associations Can Compromise Your Data

Forced Data Sharing Will Decrease Performance and Reduce Protection


Recent Reports of “Over-Phishing” are Flawed



Eric is an accomplished public speaker and presenter, and has briefed at senior levels of both private industry and government, including Wall Street, the Pentagon and the White House.  He most enjoys his role as trainer and Cyber Security evangelist, and has spoken at conferences, taught company staff and channel partners, and trained sales teams in the US, UK and Australia.

Sample Speaking Engagements

CeBIT 2010 (Sydney, Australia) – NBN and the Cyber Crime Implications of Ubiquitous Broadband

International Information Integrity Institute (I4), Forum 71 Fall 2010 – Social Media: Understanding Corporate Threats and Managing Risk

Delaware State Infraguard 2010 – Cyber Safety 101:  An Introduction to Online Threats and Internet Risk

CFCA Annual Educational Conference – Emerging Trends in Cyber Crime

National Association of Federal Credit Unions, Quarterly Training Webinar

AIG Worldwide Fraud Investigators Conference – Keynote Speech: Fraud and the World Wide Web

Social Media: Understanding Corporate
Threats and Managing Risk
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